Genevieve gave the perfect reply to a man who said she needs an education after she wrote about sexual harassment on her Instagram page. May 15, 2019

Genevieve gave the perfect reply to a man who said she needs an education after she wrote about sexual harassment on her Instagram page.

Genevieve's perfect reply to man who said she needs an education lailasnews

In her post, Genevieve spoke about men sexually harassing women yet blaming the woman for bringing it upon herself through her dressing. The actress then went on to point out that Muslim women covered from head to toe also get harrassed and wondered what that would be blamed on.

But a man felt her post was too “feministic” and told her she needs an education.

See Genevieve’s post and reply to the man below;

Oil on canvas
Recently I watched a video where I saw a Muslim lady get groped by a man passing by. I mention the fact that she is Muslim only to point out that she is completely covered from head to toe. And i remember thinking to myself, how are they going to spin this on her, surely she must have provoked this attack one way or the other. Since it’s not the way she’s dressed perhaps is the way she stood, maybe it was a bit too provocative, just a enough to drive the man over the edge, beyond his senses such that he lost all control and touched her.

Society tends to use dressing and religion to cover up the fact that touching a woman without her consent is wrong. From my personal experience when I have certain places to go to, I have to consider what I’m wearing because I’m afraid of being attacked and even when covered up I’m not assured that I won’t be. As my cousin said to me “Hide yourselves my fellow women less you breathe the wrong way and cause a man to lose his senses, after all their control is held by very thin air”. It saddens me what my sisters and I have to go through. Of course it’s our fault for being women, that we were bestowed breasts by some nature. Our fault that men are not taught from young to treat women with honor and respect and that little girls are taught to be ashamed of their bodies.

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rthday party ever May 10, 2019 10:31 AM

Bobrisky reveals 3-day plan to celebrate the biggest birthday party ever

May 10, 2019 10:31 AM

Popular Nigerian male cross-dresser, Okuneye Olarewaju Idris, popularly known as Bobrisky has revealed a 3-day plan to celebrate his 28th birthday.

According to the controversial male barbie, his birthday party is going to be ‘biggest birthday party ever’.

He wrote, ‘Thanks to my party planner, your invites come with two invites, Saturday and Sunday boat cruise and a bottle of champagne each”

The self-acclaimed bleaching expert is set to be a year older on the 31st of August and he obviously can’t wait for the day to come.

Finally, he said he would invite 100 of his loyal fans to celebrate with him.

Planned for the 3-day exclusive celebration are;

Friday, 30th of August: Visit to orphanage (Cake for orphanage and Killing of Cow)

Saturday, 31st of August: Birthday Party (After party at the club)

Sunday, 1st of September, Beach house party (Boat cruise and a bottle of champagne each)


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    10 signs to know that your boyfriend is a yahoo boy – If you notice No.8 & 10, run for your life

    10 signs to know that your boyfriend is a yahoo boy – If you notice No.8 & 10, run for your life

    Every woman wants a stable relationship with a stable partner that would someday lead to a loving union, however, good and stable relationships are difficult to find these day because most guy are only out to take girls on a swing and leave. When entering a relationship, one of the thing women fears is dating a fraudster.

    A fraudster is one of the most dangerous people to date because they are so skilled at lying that you cannot detect their true nature. Never mind because here are some simple and easy signs that can help you detect that tour boyfriend is a yahoo boy before he swindles you especially of you involved in internet dating.

    1 Vague Profile

    yahoo boys are usually not specific about the qualities they want in a partner on their dating site profile, this thus attracts more people to respond, when chatting with their victims, they usually sweet talk them by complementing them on their looks.

    2 Sweet Talk

    yahoo boys tell you exactly what you need to hear. Before they even get the chance to meet you, they are he first to use the ILY word. Every girl wants to hear the word “I love You” but when it comes too easily such as this, it should be highly suspected. They sweep you of your feet without you being aware. Honestly how can one decide to fall in love without knowing some basic things about the person such as charisma, value and moral standard?

    3 Offline

    Going offline is one of the strategies yahoo boys use to scam their victims. They prefer you to contact them via private email because dating sites usually protect people from scammers. For whatever reason, always avoid contacting directly before meeting him in person.

    4 Avoiding Personal Question

    fraudsters usually avoid answering some private questions such as skin complexion, source of livelihood. He usually answers your question with a similar question and finds a way to cover up for not answering the question you asked him.

    5 Phone Games

    Image result for playing phone games

    A yahoo boy will always play phone games with you, here is how you know, when he calls you and you try to return the call but you call the number back and it goes to voice mail, there is a high percentage that you are dating a yahoo boy. He can also be supposedly on a business trip overseas and he gives you a foreign number, that foreign number is most likely his real number.

    6 Excuses When Meeting

    When he cannot meet you physically because of one excuse or the other, you should suspect that he is a fraudster. He fact that the distance between your location and his is far and when you tell him you are in his area, and you should meet, he finds an excuse not to meet, then he is most likely a yahoo boy. This is one of the best ways to test your boyfriend, when he excuse is incessant and he never shows up, girl, he is a fraudster!

    7 Money, Money, Money

    when your relationship is all about the money then you need to think twice. Every hardworking woman wishes to have a boyfriend that would spoil her, not the one that would milk her dry of her funds which is what a yahoo boy will always try to do. Shortly after you meet each other either on phone or physically, he asks you how much you earn to know if how much he can swindle you of. He may even set a trap for you and tell you he earn a particular sum of money that is he. This is usually to attract girls who are always after money in a relationship.

    8 Borrowing Money

    When he knows how much you are earning, shortly after, he asks you to borrow him some amount of money and he never returns it. You find that he has severed all contact with you and you cannot ask for your money again. He could even borrow small amount of money from you and return it until he asks you for a huge amount of money that he does not refund.

    9 Fake Photos

    when you ask him to send a picture to you, it is always the same picture on his profile, his is an indication that the photo may be fake, the best way to check for his real photo is to try to Google his name and see whatever picture comes up

    10 Gut Instinct

    when your instinct tells you there is something weird going on with your boyfriend, then you should try all means to satisfy your conscience because he might just be the thing you fear most, a yahoo boy!

    Yemi Alade shows us her natural face with no makeup

    From successfully clocking 30 and having a smooth musical career, Yemi Alade is obvously blessed by providence.

    The self-acclaimed Mama Africa dropped a no-make-up picture and she also registered the length of her dark hair in the full picture.

    Did you know Yemi Alade is the first female celebrity in Nigeria to hit 7 million followers? Thats true and its higher that what her close rival Tiwa Savage could boast of. She also recently recorded a song with American artiste, Rick Ross and the track is buzzing online.

    Yemi Eberechi Alade, simply known as Yemi Alade, is a Nigerian Afropop singer and songwriter. She gained prominence after winning the Peak Talent Show in 2009, and is best known for her hit single “Johnny”